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Harvesting garden peas

Garden peasI am excited to say that I can harvest something from my veggie patch! Sweet garden peas! Have you had a chance to try the ones I brought for you? I prefer them raw, straight from the pod Рnowhere can you buy peas as sweet as this, nor as fresh. If you leave them too long on the plant, they lose their sweet, softness. They become floury and hard, so I nned to pick often to keep them producing.

It takes about 12 weeks from sowing to harvest. They have the prettiest, delicate flower AND you can eat them, so it is a great plant to have in your garden. The best time to grow them is in early spring, but make sure the ground is not watterlogged.  I was late in planting them last year, so they are not as bushy and the yield is not as it could be. Well, there is always this year!