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New garden ornament tuned to c major

I’ve always wanted one. I’ve been eyeing this particular one for a while. I say eyeing it because I didn’t buy it straight away. I’ve been back to that shop to look at it 3 times. It cost a bit of an arm and a leg (when I compared it to others) and I couldn’t really justify the cost of it. Except that this one is made of beautiful wood – fine African hardwood and anodised aluminium and the sound is very, very pretty. It seems to play a tune and according to the little label that came with it, this wind chime is “toned to the balanced, melodious sound of the C major scale, creating light and happy tunes“.

Wind chimes
So I gave in today and bought it. I brought it home and unpacked it. I held it up proudly to show my little family … It tinkled and played its little tune which simultaneously caused the following responses: Hercules the cat ran away and hid (charged as if he’d seen a ghost is a better description), Dexter the fearless dog barked at it as if it was an intruder making off with his best bone and my lovely daughter proceeded to tell me with very wide eyes that she positively loathes wind chimes because she watched so many horror movies as a kid that opened with wind chimes creating the scene …

Oh dear!

But it is pretty, No?