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Camellia leaf woes

Oh dear … what can this be? I first removed a few leaves from a Camellia plant a few days ago that looked like this. Situated pretty much at the bottom of the plant I removed the branch with the affected leaves, threw it away and thought no more of it until I found a second branch yesterday with the same thing. I decided to take some photos and once I looked at them on my computer I realised that its a lot yukkier than I first realised.

UPDATE TO THIS POST – Have just found MORE leaves on the shrub towards the top part also covered in this. Looks newly infected/affected, but now I am extremely perturbed and hope someone can help me ID this.

Does anyone know what this is?

Camellia leaf woes

Look pretty yukky, right?

I’ve looked on the Internet and all I could find was one other person displaying a similar image asking the same question. What is this?

I’m thinking it might be fungal, because it seems to have some wet areas (more obvious in the below enlarged versions). The plant is located in a shaded position, looks very lush and healthy, except for these two branches,  which were located towards the bottom of the plant. There has been no leaf drop, the stem looks good … all in all the plant looks great.

[one_half]Camellia leaf woesCamellia leaf woes[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Another view of affected leafAnother view[/one_half_last]

If anyone has any knowledge or experience in dealing with this I’d be so grateful for your input.

Happy Gardening