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Getting organised

Plant stuff inside

I’m not a very organised person. This sad fact is becoming more and more obvious to me whenever I attempt to do something in the garden and then have to hunt around for the required tool or equipment. Its only been a few months that I’ve been acquiring gardening tools and things I need in the garden, like organic fertilisers, foliar feeds, secateurs, seeds, pots, gloves etc. etc. And every time I [...]

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Fertilizers or Compost?

Swiss chard

A mistake which people often make is to assume that if they use artificial fertilizers, they do not need to use compost or any other organic matter. IF you have to use artificial fertilizers they must always be used in conjuction with compost otherwise the soil will deteriorate in its organic content with a resulting poor structure.  Bulky manures and organic products will steadily improve the quality of the soil so that [...]

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Coffee grounds as fertiliser

Coffee as fertiliser

Last week when I was moaning about the sad state of my gardenias I did some research online about caring for them and came across a video by some garden expert in the USA and he said “and don’t forget to sprinkle your old coffee grounds around the base, the Gardenias will thrive”. I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly … coffee grounds?? I replayed it a few times to make sure I [...]