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Gifts from the Garden

Gifts from the Garden - Photograph © Barbara Mueller-ThiartWhat a way to start the weekend … with a visit from one’s best buddy who arrives bearing a basket of gifts from her garden! Ah! Life really is good!

As you can see from the photograph, said basket looked almost too beautiful to unpack … but unpack it I did because it was so full of yummyness. Firstly, the big bunch of Lavender, from your garden – I put it in the vase-like bucket in my bathroom. The whole bathroom smells of lavender now and it looks just beautiful. Then the gorgeous roses picked from Barbie’s garden which are now in a vase on my dining room table, fresh Rosemary which we will use in cooking this week, although I’ve put one sprig into my Olive Oil decanter where it infuses the oil with a wonderful taste and aroma. Then of course the freshly laid eggs from Barbie’s “Girls”. I Love those eggs – the yolks are so yellow, the eggs taste a whole lot better than even the best free-range eggs one can buy at Woolies.

Then to start me off in my “veg-growing” career, I got a Tomato plant – its too gorgeous, I can’t wait to watch it grow. I’m keeping the seedlings to plant in my “veg-grower” when I get it. I’m just too nervous to plant it in the ground here where the “nasties” will get to them … I think my first foray into planting seeds should be in a controlled environment. So I will wait with that. The last little surprise package in the basket was a pack of Xylitol which I had yet to try – I rushed out this afternoon to buy a nice container to keep the Xylitol in … its the same as my salt container, just bigger. One of those glass ones with the snappy lid type thingy …

I felt totally spoilt by all the gifts … thanks my friend! You are one in a million!