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Back to School – we sign up for Gardening Courses: Both Barbie and I are very excited – we have been offered an opportunity to do distance learning gardening courses via MyGardenSchool is a unique online horticultural classroom offering various gardening courses taught by some of the world’s most acclaimed authors. “MyGardenSchool provides you with your very own online horticultural classroom to help you create your dream garden.  Whether you want to grow organic vegetables, create enviable flower borders, learn about flower photography or simply give a good home to egg laying chickens, you will have personal contact with some of the world’s top tutors, receiving inspirational lessons, brought into your home digitally”.

We were very excited to receive this offer and after “sleeping on it” have both decided to accept, as we are keen to learn and think this will be a wonderful opportunity for us. After battling a bit to choose which course I want to do – for me it was a choice between “Understanding Garden Roses by David Austin” (Tutor is Michael Marriot) and “Designing with Plants” (Tutor is Caroline Tilston), but after watching the intro video on the website I’ve finally decided on doing the course on Designing with Plants. Barbie is signed up to do the Recycling in the Garden course (Tutor is Angela Youngman).

The next courses start on 28 May and once we start will be blogging about the experience. The courses comprise 4 weekly lectures via video tutorial and in written form. We will be getting set assignments which we will need to upload to MyGardenSchool where they are then marked by the tutors.  According the the site; Using the latest multi-media technology, the courses comprise high quality videos and visuals as well as expert and interesting content.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and … well you know we have a lot to learn, so can only be beneficial to us.

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If you can’t wait to see what we have to say about the courses and feel like joining in, visit their website at My Garden School or to see courses available go to Courses available from My Garden School. I know there are at least two other courses I will consider doing after I do this first one if I am happy with the way this first one goes. I’d really love to learn more about Garden Roses and the courses Flower Photography and Getting to Grips with Climbers also interest me.

Happy Gardening