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More Nasties in my Lemon Tree

Ants on lemon treeNow check this out!  With the macro lens on my camera, I saw this and got a big fright! They are just eeeeeuuw! What are they?  I see that the ants are ‘farming’ hundreds of these little nasties. With the naked eye, it looked like a fungus. They could be aphids but they look like scale. I am not sure. Do you know what this could be? My poor lemon tree is riddled with them. I know I have to get rid of the ants first. They farm aphids and the like and keep the good bugs from getting to them. So, the ant infestation must be dealt with. By the way, we have a big ant problem this year. It has not been this bad in a very long time – a few years, in fact.

This week, I need help on establishing what these things are.