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Neutrog in my garden

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Velosa from Neutrog. She came across our blog and we met for coffee, here in my village of Philadelphia, and she offered us product to try out in our gardens. Well, I was totally keen to do this, because I know that Neutrog is certified organic and I have been looking at what to add to my winter garden in preparing for my spring planting. She came just in the nick of time. I was blown away when a week later, as promised,  they delivered bags and bags of Bounce Back and Blade Runner.

Julie gave me an interesting introduction to the product and the company. Here is what she had to say…

“To give you a bit of background – all products in the Neutrog range are chicken-manure based (I’m sure as gardeners, we are well aware of the long-known benefits of chicken manure as a fertiliser!). The distinction with the Neutrog brand however is that the raw materials undergo a unique 8-10 week composting process and are subjected to steam treatment. These processes stabilise the nutrients, maximise nutrient availability and ensure the product is free of any parasites, pathogens and weed seeds, which you definitely don’t want to put into your garden.  Most importantly, the resulting product retains the microbiology necessary to provide a ‘living’ fertiliser, which feeds the soil slowly once applied. We believe fully in feeding the soil, as opposed to force-feeding the plant, which is often how chemical products work.

Neutrog is granted organic certification by ECOCERT for our organic range, which includes Bounce Back, Rapid Raiser and Blade Runner. Bounce Back is probably our most well-known general garden product and forms the base of the rest of the range. It is pelletised so it is easy to apply and releases nutrients slowly – this way they are not flushed away. We then have Blade Runner which comes in a crumble form, this is designed for lawns as the crumbles make it easier to spread on a large surface area. Rapid Raiser has added soft rock phosphate which helps with root development and is therefore perfect for planting and means you don’t need to add bone meal.  We are also releasing a new product in the next few months which we are hugely excited about, the product is called Seamungus and is has added fishmeal, seaweed extracts and humic acid – it’s a wonderful health tonic for your garden. It has been used in the commercial market and is due for release into the retail market towards the end of the year.”

Well, I have added all my bags to the front garden, the front lawn and my fruit trees in the back. I will keep you all posted with updates!

Thanks to Julie and Neutrog!