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Lemon tree woes

Lemon Tree, very pretty ...The state of my lemon tree – it makes me so sad that my lemon tree is in such a poor state. Everything else in my garden appears to be doing well, the plants seem happy, all spouting new growth and some have new flowers. But the Lemon Tree …

As you can see she doesn’t look good. We’ve sprayed, we’ve mulched, we’ve fertilised … now we wait.

Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.
Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat

Off to the nursery to get Nasturtiums …

* Chorus of “Lemon Tree” by Peter, Paul & Mary.

Bugs & Pests Christine's garden Gardening


AntsAnts, Ants Ants … they are everywhere in my garden at the moment …

I thought I had got the main “nest” about 10 days ago and today I discovered another one on the other side of the house. So I spent my precious “gardening time” today once again with the sprayer, spraying ants! They seem to be particularly prevalent this year. I’ve never had such an ant invasion since we’ve lived in this house. What a pain!

So no time to repot all my pond plants which I was wanting to do today. That will have to wait for another day. The weather was also miserable here so I couldn’t take any nice photos. I wanted to show you how the pond plants look before and after re-potting. So it will have to wait for another day …

Bugs & Pests Christine's garden

Bugs and things …

I spent the better part of last Sunday spraying all my plants that had any creepies on them with the organic insecticide I bought and I felt pretty proud of myself afterwards, believing I had rid my garden of all the “nasties”. The spray container I have only holds 1 litre of water which I then add the insecticide too, then pump and spray. With only one litre and many plants to spray, I was running backwards and forwards refilling the container to get all the plants affected done. After that I did some cutting back of plants (to make them bush) etc. etc. All in all it felt like I had worked pretty hard. I’ve been very busy with work this week and have had hardly any time to check on things so Dexter and I did a walkabout now – and I was well rewarded with lots of new leaves sprouting on some plants that got cut back, all the sprayed plants look bug free …

But then … it seems like they all packed up shop on the sprayed plants and moved to one of my Camellias! The whole plant is covered in these things and ants are feeding on them!

Here they are. I am assuming they are Aphids. Can you tell? (you can click on the photos to see the large versions). Whatever they are I think the Ludwigs spray should get rid of them too. Dang, I thought I was through with the spraying for a while …

[one_half]Bugs on Camellias

[one_half_last]Bugs on Camellias[/one_half_last]

Tomorrow I am going to go get me one of these bug sprayer thingys… My specs? It must hold about 5 litres of fluid, be reasonably light and east to use! Going to zap those bugs once and for all!

Bug sprayer thingy!