Finally … I am able to show my daughters new house. It took quite some convincing for her to allow me to publish these and it was on the understanding that I explain that they are still busy varnishing floors, skirting boards are still missing, and, and, and … there are unfinished things all over the place – so please bear that in mind.

Still not quite finished (notice the work people and equipment in the photos) they have been scrambling and working around the clock to get things as ‘finished’ as they can. The reason for this final rush to finish is that they have guests arriving from the UK on Friday and are hosting Christmas Lunch at their new home next week. You can see how much they have achieved in the last two weeks if you look back at this post where I showed the “garden” – or rather, the soon-to-be garden. What a change … the pool is almost ready to be filled, the entertainment deck and patio have been tiled and lawn has been laid. A new wall is being erected around the front to accommodate the new entrance gate and to replace the awful wall that was / is still there (will be removed once the new wall is completed) and more cobble stones are being laid to complete the driveway.

A quick recap: They bought the house primarily for the location and mostly for view from the property of the mountain which they fell in love with. The original house was demolished (except for the foundations which were sound) and they designed their dream home (no architects involved). This was partly due to limited funds but also because they had a dream of building their own house for quite some time. A student then helped them draw up their plans, they got the plans approved by council and then employed a small team to help them with the build*. All the beams and doors have been made from wood they salvaged from the existing house, they’ve installed solar panels (I can’t believe how little electricity they are using – I am seriously considering going that route next year) and they have invested in a big Jojo tank (for collecting rain water) and wherever possible, built using reclaimed material from the old house.

But enough with all the waffling, let me show you what they’ve done …

First, inside downstairs in the open plan living / dining and kitchen (remember that they bought the house for the view which they want to see from nearly every room. Hence the massive windows all looking to the mountain).

Downstairs living room area to patioDownstairs living room area to patio

From lounge to double volume dining areaFrom lounge to double volume dining area

From the lounge looking to the kitchenFrom the lounge looking to the kitchen

From living room to the patio and poolFrom living room to the patio and pool

View from patio onto the driveway and lawnView from patio onto the driveway and lawn

Back inside … the kitchenBack inside ... the kitchen

Dining and kitchen area from stairsThe dining and kitchen area from stairs

Another view of the downstairs areaAnother view of the downstairs area

From behind the kitchen islandFrom behind the kitchen island

The downstairs Guest suite (off the living area)The downstairs Guest Suite

The downstairs guest suite (which looks small in the photo but is actually very large) has an en-suite bathroom and separate loo, and the doors lead out onto the back yard area – potential here is for a created garden, something lovely and private.

Now let’s go upstairs … the banister is still being completed, the lamp doesn’t live there and there is still a bit to be done, as you will see.

Going up the (unfinished)stairsWe're going up those stairs

The unfinished bannisterThe unfinished bannister

Three bedrooms up thereThere are three bedrooms up there

The double volume dining areaThe double volume dining area

As seen from the landingAs seen from the landing

The landing to the bedroomsThe landing to the bedrooms

The main bedroom leads to a private patio with the lovely view they bought the property for, I won’t bore you with photos of the two other bedrooms (each has its own en-suite bathroom) and their windows look out to the back of the property.

Looking down from the stairsLooking down from the landing

The landing seen from belowThe landing seen from below

The main bedroom with its viewThe main bedroom with its view

The view from their private patioThe view from their private patio

Towards the dressing roomLooking towards the dressing room

The dressing roomThe dressing room

Seen from the dressing roomSeen from the dressing room

Ok, now for the outside and what still remains to be done …

The House that Steffi built!The House that Steffi built!

Here it is from the front …Here it is from the front ...

Trellises will go in between the pillarsTrellises will go in between the pillars

The new lawn and newly built, unfinished wallThe new lawn and newly built, unfinished wall

Old vs new wall (incomplete)Old vs new wall (incomplete)

Almost there, tiling the lap poolAlmost there, tiling the pool

Still lots to be done hereStill lots to be done here

So there we have it! The house that Stefani & Iain built – they are both notorious for starting projects and not finishing them … lets hope this is not one of those ๐Ÿ™‚