The new Vegetable Planter is exactly a week old today and imagine my excitement when I found all sorts of activity! Surely veggie gardening has to be the most rewarding type of gardening? I’ve planted so many things in my garden and waited months or years (and in many cases I’m still waiting!) for something exciting to happen with a plant. But I put a few vegetable seedlings in a few basins and hey presto! one week later I’m eating my own sweet basil, cooking with my own home-grown coriander and watching in total amazement as a chili plant sprouts four new chilis overnight! Yesterday the “Long Red Cayenne Slim” had one new chili sprout and this afternoon when I proudly showed my daughter our Chili Plant with it’s one chili, we were both amazed to see it now has FIVE! That’s four new ones, overnight!

The strawberry plant is making strawberries and the tomato has the beginnings of what look like they are going to be lovely juicy tomatoes! Seriously, does it get more rewarding than this? Its been such a short time and already my sweet basil plants are producing enough leaves for me not to have to buy basil any more – it seems the more I pick the more they produce (sorry Woolies, you’ll have to find something else to sell me now!). And is it my imagination or does ones own “home-grown” really taste better? Our coriander tastes better than any I’ve ever bought!

So here are the photos taken this evening of my new veggies … (click to enlarge)

The Tomato PlantThe Tomato Plant

Lots of Sweet BasilLots of Sweet Basil

Home-grown ParsleyOur very own Parsley

Strawberries … Yum!Can't wait to pick them!

Long Red Cayenne PepperCayenne Pepper

Best Coriander Ever!Best Coriander Ever!

Thank you Barbie for encouraging me to try this! That very first little Tomato you gave me was the start of all this and I’m loving it (not to mention the amount of money I’ll save which I can now use to buy other plants!)