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The big garden clean up

Hi Chris, It was one of those tough weeks that takes from you emotionally as well as physically. My Hubby’s step-dad passed away on friday morning and this took its toll on the whole family. The way to regain my senses and strength is taking the chickens in tow and start gardening. I spent the whole day Saturday cleaning up the veggie patch, raked, dug, pruned, added compost and potted all my new plants until the sun was gone. It was a good way for me to express my respect to all things old and new and to always look to the earth for new life – in growth and in spirit. I was so encouraged to see my energy-giving veggies looking strong and healthy. The onions – my little soldiers – keeps all the bugs in check. Oh yes, my friend, life continues and we should remember to enjoy, respect, treasure and love!

[one_half]Big clean 01[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Big clean up 02[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Big clean up 03[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Big clean up 04[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Veg patch clean up 01[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Veg patch clean up 02[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Veg patch clean up 03[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Veg patch clean up 04[/one_half_last]

By Barbara

Country living is the best! Being a true spirit of the earth, my garden is all about vegetables and fruit trees and herbs and chickens roaming free. I was keen to really start gardening when we moved to Philadelphia in 2005, but not your typical suburban-type garden – sterile and bug-free! I wanted an edible garden.

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Thank you my friend! Those are actually just normal onions inbetween the cabbage and basil. They look great, take little room and should be next to most of your edible plants to ward off the nasties! The big planters have my lemon grass, pretty violas (trying again!) tarragon, tea tree in the one and my wormwort in the other.

Hi Barbie – You are a wise girl! Have you considered planting a tree in memory of Oom Cecil? I believe in planting trees to honour those that have passed that we were close to – You can nurture and love that tree and whenever you do, it’s a time to think about them and feel close … Just an idea.

PS: Your veggie garden is looking amazing – how about those cabbages? They look huge and great! Lovely photos.

Stay strong, I’m thinking of you and Hannes

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