I have not been getting the “spring is a coming” feeling! I have been so preoccupied with work and family birthdays and just feeling cold these past weeks in August that my poor garden has been so neglected. I have to admit that the “feeling has not been there”. I gave my favourite hobby a break. But the blooms are happily awaiting spring, regardless of the absent gardener. I have seen new colour and flowers and new shoots and buds today…… something is stirring in my garden…. wow, look!!!

Azaleas are taking

Love the flowers

Lavender is blooming-Yipee!

Purple and raspberry colour

Broad bean flowers in my veggie patch

Borage blossom buds

Lobelia, lavender, dietes & borage

Gerbera still blooming

Blueberry bush starting to bloom

Meadow still a good show

Mint bush

Lemon tree in the meadow

Veggie patch looking bushy

I am so excited to see that the garden is about to explode with colour!!! Bring on Spring!!! I’m definitely going in the garden this weekend!

Happy Gardening xxxxx