Well this was a first for me … today a friend I had not seen in a few weeks “ooohed”  and “aahed” about my Camellias and complimented me on my garden! It was a great moment. My lovely daughter is always enthusiastic and Barbie, bless you, you always say lovely things about the garden and I know you both mean it – but when a friend who has little interest in gardening told me today how lovely everything looks and stopped in front of the newly blossoming Camellias and said “wow, what lovely glossy leaves and beautiful flowers” … well, I felt so proud and happy!


More prettiness

My favourite one

Much more of the pretty

And then some of the glossy

And the Camellias really are show-stoppingly gorgeous right now. Only three of my +/- 25 Camellias have started flowering and they really are giving us a wonderful show. A beautiful red and two different pinks are flowering in the front garden. One small shrub (the red) and two very large shrubs are covered in flowers. It has been a lot of work keeping them in tip-top shape and bug free. Aphids have been at them throughout the summer and its required bi-weekly inspections and washing off of pests and now we have these lovely healthy blooms. What a joy!

I’ve just read this: Aphids are attacked by a number of natural enemies including ladybug beetles and small wasps. I was wondering why I have so many wasps in my garden …

Happy gardening and I wish you a “blooming good week”!