I had Lavender dentata planted in the narrow beds poolside about ten months ago. From the start the plants had a strange shape and as they grew, they sort of flopped around and never flowered. Two of the plants succumbed to mildew and I replaced them with new lavender plants, bought from the local nursery. Also sold as Lavender dentata, these were different from the start. They grew differently and have not stopped flowering from day one. The growth habit is upright and straight and they’ve responded beautifully to deadheading, rewarding me with constant flowering. And the shape of the plants is more what I expected when I first decided I wanted Lavender in the garden.

The “old” lavender bushes looked untidy and messy, were very “woody” and hard and have not flowered at all in ten months. As they are the first thing I see every morning from my kitchen window they really annoyed me on a daily basis and no amount of care seemed to be working. So now, after finding someone to take the old bushes, the deed is finally done … out with the old, in with the new.

Its the third time I’ve replanted this bed in four years – lets hope third time’s the charm! What I haven’t shown in the photo is that there are three sections to this bed – three trellises with Bower vines (Pandorea jasminoides “Charisma”) growing on them (also ten months old) and in total there are 12 Lavender plants with Mandevilla’s planted at the columns (in between the trellises).

Before: Old Lavender bushesOld Lavender

After: Newly planted LavenderNew Lavender

Detail of the Old LavenderOld Lavender detail

Detail of the New Lavender

The last two photos showing the closer views of the lavender bushes shows the old lavender at about 8 months and the newer one after three months of growing in the garden (it was a really tiny plant when I first planted it).

Happy Gardening