Hi Chris – the meadow patch is blooming!! There are delicate flowers every where and more to come….. I know there are weeds in between the flowers, but thats a meadow, right? I know there are alyssums, nasturtiums, cosmos but no real flowers yet, there are phlox and marigolds and others I need help with. Take a look at how nice it looks now! It needs some sort of styling, but at the moment I’m just going to enjoy looking beyond the veggie patch and instead of seeing the usual bare ground, I’m looking into a fields of flowers.

I am not sure what flower this is – but it is everywhere and stands tall and has various colours – really pretty.


Phlox in various colours

So pretty

New flower – what can it be?

There needs to be a path to the guava tree

I am like a child when I see all the flowers and have to stop myself from running through them. It needs a bit of “cleaning” and styling so that I can walk through this to the fruit trees without flattening the delicate plants. I’ll see what I can do this weekend – I was thinking of adding a small “path” through this with stepping stones or something like this and maybe a feature somewhere…… birdbath? or a bench?

I’ll hope to have some time this weekend, but it could be put on hold because of the weather or because my sister is here from Australia and we need to catch up on lost time! I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Gardening xxxxxx