Today I did a walk-about! I had a look at what was happening in my garden last winter….well I have to pull up my boots – that’s all I have to say!! The garden looks untidy but there are a few “Ahhh!” areas I had to snap. And to be fair, I took photos of the untidy areas as well, because there are some new developments and first-time vegetables!

But first we had a bumper quince crop !! The least tended tree and no attention at all!! But the fruits are plentiful, small and sweet!! I can smell them from here!! I have taken what we need but set up a Free Food Garden Harvest at our front gate – so I hope visitors will be able to make lovely quince preserves and jams!! Enjoy xxx If this takes off then I was thinking of doing a garden harvest swop or just a “take what you need” basket of any surplus I harvest for that week!! I will keep you posted!

A wet corner of the garden with Comfrey

My Wilde Als (Artemesia) flourishing

Huh! Where’s my barrow?? Heehee needs a mow

An old Lavender bush recharged!

Thyme and Oregano as ground cover

Front garden Ahhh! moment

First try at Sweet potatoes-taking forever

Fennel in front of Sweet Potatoes

Kale is big in my garden this year

My newbies-Broccolli, Kale, Cauliflower

And now for my trees…..

Guava is a winter fruit-yipee!

Awesome lemon tree this year!

Self-seeded Borage – everywhere!

Awesome tomatoes still

Lettuces a must-Red Butter and Cos lettuce

Herbs close by says Jamie Oliver

This is my composting area

Cabbage-see the greywater still working

Going to plant these next week

My Fig tree is having babies

Well, I have to say that eventhough it does not beat last year, at least my garden does not disappoint and my spirits are not dampened. It gives me a new strength to get my boots on!!

Until my next post xxx

Happy gardening xxx