Love in my garden

Homemade fence

I stood on my deck this morning looking out into the garden and marvelled at all that has been achieved this past year and had 100 ideas of what I still want to do. I always thought that there was an end to what you do in a garden, once you have ‘landscaped it’. This, I have now learnt, is not so. There is continuous change, always new growth and even more new things to try. I have come to understand the way I work in my garden. It comes from love and it comes from trying something new. It starts with an idea. I have the freedom to do as I please – thanks to my non-gardening hubby who is always there to help – when I ask! I build and dig and play and through all this a wonderful place emerges.

Wild flowers in my back garden

Buffy wanting a picture taken

My gardening friends always on the ready. Sometimes too enthusiastic but always by my side when I am playing in the garden.

New rose buds -with pesky critters to boot

My fig tree is in bud

Everything is starting to bloom – all brand new. Here are my two favourite plants – my roses and my fig tree. You can feel the love! Here are some more new growths.

Guara in bloom

Lavender still a winner

A brand new corn flower

Jasmine’s are everywhere

Planter full of love and bulbs

Quince tree with new leaves

I love spring xx

Happy gardening