Peppermint PlantI bought a little peppermint plant on Sunday – on an impulse – because I love the smell, and it looked pretty. Now of course I had to do some research because I need to find a good spot for it in my garden. Mine is called “Mentha peperita nigra”. It looks like a dead ordinary mint plant to me – I remember these from my childhood – we had this in a garden somewhere once … I think that’s why I love it, the smell reminds me of early childhood.

Back to my research – The very first thing I find is this warning: Mint grows very easily and is VERY invasive. If you don’t keep it well contained, it will easily and quickly grow into other areas of your garden! (from howtogarden). Thanks guys. Why don’t they write this on the little pots that entice impulse-buyers like myself at the Nurseries? … Ok, no problem, I’ll keep it in check. The last thing I need is another “Ivy-type invasion” happening in my garden.

On the positive side, I’ve learnt that Peppermint repels many harmful insects including two that trouble me, ants and aphids! Yipee! Next I read that Mint will grow nearly anywhere, but you will have the most success (and the least troubles in terms of plant diseases and insects) if you grow it in semi-fertile soil in a partial shade location in your garden – Sounds like this little plant was “meant-to-be” in my garden!

Guess where Mr Peppermint is going? Joining the Nasturtiums below the Lemon Tree!