In South Africa we celebrate the first day of September as Spring Day marking the coming of the spring season. It is the only day that most schools allows casual dress instead of the normal school uniform and many primary school children will be taking flowers to the eldery in homes, young girls (and some older ones) will pin a flower in their hair and generally we all welcome the anticipated coming of warmer weather with a spring in our step (pun intended!). Birds are making nests, and deciduous trees are sprouting new growth and love is in the air!

I’ve finished my fertilising, most of the composting and I’ve spent the last few mornings checking all the flowering plants for new buds and flowers and I’m being richly rewarded. To celebrate the the first day of spring I’m sharing my favourite buds – the ones I’m most excited about seeing in bloom …

First Oriental lilies in budFirst Oriental lilies in bud

Ixia budsIxia buds

More Ixias in budMore Ixias in bud

Ranunculas in budRanunculas in bud

Buds and berries on the NandinasBuds and berries on the Nandinas

The Clivias are about to bloomClivia about to bloom

Murraya Exotica covered in budsMurraya Exotica covered in buds

First Delphinium bloomsFirst Delphinium blooms

First blossom on the Prunus sp.First blossom on the Prunus sp.

Tibouchina budTibouchina bud

Makhaya Bella budsMakhaya Bella buds

Mandevilla SplenensMandevilla Splenens

Love all the new foliageLove all the new foliage

Freesias are in bud or floweringFreesias are in bud or flowering

PS: According to Wikipedia, In South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, spring begins on 1 September, and has no relation to the vernal equinox.

Happy Spring Day to all!