Is this a sign of things to come? Forgive me my excitement but this is only my tenth month of being a “gardener” and I am very excited about Spring this year. Mid July here in Cape Town means we are just past the mid-winter mark and with the glorious weather we’ve had for the last ten days the early spring bloomers seem to think its time to start waking up …

You might remember my thrill at finding Hellebores at a nursery in Elgin at the beginning of April. No? Ok, Hellebores are not readily available as standard stock at the average nursery here in South Africa but I managed to buy three Hellebore plants at a specialist nursery after having admired them on many overseas blogs. I duly brought them home, planted them and believed they might take a year or two before they flower (if I even managed to keep them alive that long). So imagine my excitement when I discovered actual buds on two of the plants this weekend! I’m absolutely thrilled – I actually can’t explain how delighted I am. I’m like a child at Christmas because … well it feels like maybe, just maybe, I might actually be on the way to becoming a real gardener! I chose, bought, planted and nursed a plant to flower, all by myself! It feels really great!

So here they are and some other things that are making me happy today!

My masterpiece – Hellebore budsHellebores

… because I’m proud, another shotHellebores

Nestled amongst the Azaleas & LiliumsHellebores

Exotic Tulip bulbs are coming up!Tulips

To all my gardening friends in the Northern Hemisphere that encouraged me to get the Hellebores and especially to Carolyn of Carolyn’s Shade Garden in North Carolina for all her advice, Thank You!!

Happy Gardening