I have been asked a few times by many to put together a more detailed post on the Grass Feature in my front garden. It is one of my very special places in my garden and takes pride of place (ok – the veggie patch is still the number one!) This is the month of its 1st Anniversary, so we can really go back and see how it looked 1 year ago.

There are a variety of grasses and they were all chosen to work well together – height, shape and colour. I remember the planning and drawing and the digging and arranging and re-arranging. It was one of my more dramatic and labour intensive projects because of the dry river bed feature in the middle of it all.

As it looks now – with all the grasses labelled.

1. Pennisetum “Red Buttons”

2. Carex Buchananii

3. Carex Amazon Mist

4. Festuca Glauca

5. & 8. Calamagrostis “Karl Foerster”

6. Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus

7. Panicum Virgatum “Shenandoah”

9.  Deschampsia Caespitosa “Tuffed Hair Grass”

10. & 13. Phorium Rubra nana & 11. Pennisetum Setaceum Rubrum-Red Fountain Grass

12. Carex Frosted Curls

14. Aristida & other

I hope that this has been interesting. It was great to see how this Grass Feature keeps changing through the seasons – Autumn shows a new face.

Happy Gardening xxx