I have been in a gloomy mood of late, with my favourite chicken not doing well. Buffy has been suffering from Bumblefoot and had a major operation in December on both her feet. But alas, it is back – regardless of all the medication and the scrupulous cleaning of her feet and her New Hen House and the daily wrapping of her feet. The Vet warned of this and that it could possibly go systemic. Well, I fear this could be the case. Difficult in walking and she has pretty much stopped eating – I can manage to get soft food in – she likes porridge and yoghurt and blueberries. Shame – so I have been dismal these past two weeks and my garden has not given me joy – but wait……… what is all this interesting colour.

This is the lovely Ice cream Bush – given to me by my sister-in-law. I have always admired her garden and this bush in particular.

Such beautiful foliage

Pink, cream, green-what a combo

Love this little helper Lady Bug. They always make me smile when I see them.

My Gerbera still delighting

Tansy is bright yellow-colour of sunshine

Love my garden art

Hearts from my friend Christine!

Yarrow has such delightful foliage

Happiness in my veggie patch

Sweet and juicy summer figs

Fur on the quince-so peachy!

The sign of new things to come

Fennel has charmed me this year

My poor, sweet Buffy. Never a moan and always trying to keep a brave face! Wish I could do more!! Let’s see how she improves!