Ok – so now I am back in my garden and all I see is clutter and mishmash and an overgrown, totally out-of-control garden. Well, that is not so bad because I don’t particularly like too much order in my garden! They say that weeds are plants that haven’t learnt to grow in rows! But a happy companion growth is good!! All I decided to do today was record the, aah-hem! mess! I’m feeling less and less energetic! But I know that this is my weekend in the garden – I have earned it!! And if I don’t get the veggie seeds planted, I’ll have nothing to show this summer!  I have been sketching and drawing and planning and have a new vegetable patch design – I will post it to show you how I spend rainy days – I still think of my garden! And this design is all based on good companion planting!

Ok – here is the BEFORE photos ….. just to let you all know my garden gets really, really wild!!

Peas in the Potato Patch

Peaches in this jungle

Lots going on here

This is my FIRST almond!!

Lemon juice for Africa!!

What!?  Figs again!?

Veggie patch going wild!

Chamomile growing wild with weeds

Veggie patch needs lots of work-whew!

Wow! Front garden looking savage

How sad-needs some love!

Back garden chicken demolished!

Wish me good luck and I will most definitely show the AFTER photos!!

Happy gardening xxxxx