We are patiently waiting for the figs to ripen. I made green fig preserve for the first time 3 weeks ago and made 1,5kg worth of figs in syrup. They are really nice – for a first try – but the syrup is too runny. I’ll blog about that recipe next time. So now for ripe, fresh figs – yum yum! I also make a mean fig jam. The only problem is that the starlings attack and devour the ripe figs early each morning, making a huge racket outside our bedroom window. Scaring them doesn’t work anymore – they all know my tricks. I have one more up my sleeve! Let’s see if they are afraid of a hawk – haahaa!! I will use my feather duster !!

I also have a quince tree, but I’m not a fan. My mom-in-law makes a mean jam, so I will giver her all my quinces!! They just take so long to ripen – hoohumm!

I also have a small guava tree, but they will only come out later – I think in winter. And Yes! The sad lemon tree! I will have to nurse her back to health!

Oh dear! I nearly forgot about the new addition to my garden family!! My peach tree that you bought for me! I have put it close to the quince tree in the back garden. I am making sure it gets all its nutrients and I watch over it carefully for any nasties!! We had a few holes in the leaves, but this has stopped. She is settling in so very nicely! I’ll take a nice photo soon.

Fig Tree 2011