No its not an April Fools joke – Its well and truly Autumn in Cape Town now but I do still have a few blooms to share. The evenings are cool and we’ve had some rain, though not the non-stop goes-on-for-days rain we get in winter, just light showers. Real rain will follow in May, June and July. So there is not much flowering in my garden at the moment that is “Wow-worthy”, but I wanted to share the few blooms I do have, some because they are pretty, some because they are a first for me, and some … well just because they are flowering. I’ve spared you the Camellias though … I think I’ve shown enough of those for a while even though they are giving us a great show at the moment. Also flowering is one deformed Clivia (it shouldn’t be) and the Hibiscus are showing off their last few flowers!

So here we go … Flowering at the end of March (you can click to enlarge the photos)

The new Potato bushPotato Bush

Still flowering, the PetuniasStill flowering, the Petunias

Nandina Sacred Bamboo flowers!Nandina Sacred Bamboo flower

Mandevilla Splenens never stopMandevilla Splenens

Pretty Miniature RosebudPretty Miniature Rosebud

Miniature RoseFlowering Miniature Rose

More miniature rosesMore miniature roses

Murraya ExoticaMurraya Exotica

Barleria obtusa ‘blue’Barleria obtusa 'blue'

I forget the name of thisI forget the name of this

Unimpressive AzaleasAzaleas

Neighbours unwanted OleanderNeighbours Oleander (not liked!)

The last two are big failures! The Azaleas don’t look great at all, very disappointing, and the last photograph is of my neighbours Oleander which is hanging over the wall into my back yard – not on my list of favourites!

So whats blooming in your garden?