So much happens in life! When I look at my To-Do list, my heart skips a beat! How can the time fly so quickly??? 2014 has gone! December is a memory and in-between life happening, my garden just keeps on going!! I have the pleasure of spending alot of time there now because I make the time. Growing vegetables has become a real passion and we love eating from the garden. I am a SuperJuicer now (ask me and I will tell you!) so growing organic fruits and vegetables is a big deal now to add to my juices! Anyway, I’m rambling…….

Here is my December Diaries 2014……

Front garden …..

Gaura -whirling butterflies

Artemesia – wilde als in pots

Roses in full bloom

Sunflower about to burst

Zucchini and sunflower with colourful chillies in the middle

Vegetable garden …..

Zucchini in bloom

All sorts of lettuces-so tender

Basil and chives are neighbours

Roma tomatoes now in abundance

A new eggplant, tomatoes galore and an arch of Passion fruit

Chives sweet flower

My white Louisiana Iris

Kale – for juicing!

Lettuces need shelter from the heat

Raised bed with mexican petunia, beautiful Leopard Tree and who is that!!?

Who is also eating from my vegetable patch……..

This beetle is a real nasty!

Ah! Ya caught me!

Shade from the heat of the day

Lazy mozzies!

Beautiful Iris growing under the Passion Fruit – what a great end of the day!

Happy Gardening xxxx