Its not complete chaos but the euphoria of fast growing veggies of two weeks ago is over and has been replaced by fear-of-failure. Not all is hunkey dorey in the veggie planter – my Strawberry plant is looking terrible, covered in what I suspect to be powdery mildew as well as something that looks like ‘burnt leaf ends’. The actual strawberries looks terrible. The cauliflower have been invaded by two different bug types – the first one appeared a week ago which prompted me to use a garlic / soap spray on them which got rid of that batch of critters to be replaced with different ones which took up residence on the cauliflower plants two days later. And that’s just whats happening in the first basin …

Fortunately that is the worst of it – all the rest are doing really well. Some overcrowding happening which I expected as I soon realised I had planted too much in the space I have which I will be sorting out next week as soon as we have he new bed “vegetable bed” ready for planting. (will show before, during and after photos when its done – am having a tree moved to allow more sun into one of my beds so we can convert it to a vegetable bed).

Here is my “Veggie bed photo report” … (click to enlarge)

Overall chaosVeggie Planter

Strawberry plant looking badPoor strawberry plant

Sad StrawberriesSad Strawberries

Living on my Cauliflower plantsLiving on the cauliflower

The good newsPeppers looking good

Cos lettuce looking goodLovely looking Cos lettuce

Wonderful spinachLovely looking spinach

Pretty TomatosLovely tomatos

So my question is … what to do with the Strawberry? The cauliflower I am guessing requires more spraying against bugs. I’ll use the home-made garlic / basil / soap spray. The rest … everything looks really great but they need to be separated out so they have more space to grow. Right?