At last some red! It was worth being a few days late for the monthly Garden Bloggers Harvest Day so that I could add a pop of colour to my Harvest Day post! I get really envious when I see all the harvests that are full of colour and all I seem to produce is green … not that I don’t like green. In fact we do – a lot! But every month I show Basil and Mint, Basil and Mint. Basil and Mint! And occasionally some Lettuce, Coriander, mint and Basil!

Look how great it is I have actual red tomatoes at last! Edible, lovely tomatoes and we have also picked our first limes off the lime tree. I have wonderful garlic chives, coriander and plenty of huge Habanero and Jalapeño chilis.

Veggie Harvest Day in March

Limes, tomatoes and chivesLimes, tomatoes and chives

More tomatoes to comeMore tomatoes to come

Lots of chillis that are very bigLots of chillis that are very big

Lots of new seedlings growingLots of new seedlings growing

The famous Mint, lots and lots of itThe famous Mint, lots and lots of it

One of the veggie plantersOne of the veggie planters

The wonderful limes!The wonderful limes!

Basil, basil and more basilBasil, basil and more basil

And the Spearmint has pretty flowersAnd the Spearmint has pretty flowers

The Lemon Grass is coming onThe Lemon Grass is coming on

It’s amazing to me the difference a few days can make in the veggie planters. From a meagre harvest on Sunday to a good harvest on Thursday. But I have so much Basil that I’m about to go and make Basil Pesto!

Happy Gardening

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