Oh well, the spring sun was covered with clouds today and the rain came tumbling down – again. But Spring is all about the warmth and the rain – the flowers and the showers, right? So here is my garden today – wet and warm. The Spring feeling is in the air and the blues have melted and the spirits are high. I’ve been in the garden all day yesterday – pulling, clearing, weeding, cutting……..

I wonder what colour this Iris will be??

I have groups of Irises all over the garden

Going to be a glorious Spring!!

Sparaxis in bloom

Festuca Glauca a strong favourite

The Blue Bed – all the flowers blue or purple!

Azaleas loving the rain!

More Sparaxis, heavy with rain

My Raspberry Lavender, lovely colour

A single Freeshia – what a delight!

Veggie patch all wet – again!

View from the front porch

Newly cut grasses – waiting for the spring growth

View from the back porch

Front lawn needs mowing

Rose bed clipped

Erigeron creeping furiously

Getting my seeds planted, while weather poor

Took Thyme clippings – growing very well

I am quite surprised how much I managed to get done this weekend, despite the rainy weather! My garden is budding and growing in leaps and bounds. The rain is always welcome in my neck of the woods – only not days of it!

I hope my next post is on my Irises blooming!! 🙂

Happy gardening xxxxxx