Today I am grateful for the sense of achievement and the thrill of success I derive from gardening. Planting a seed, seedling or young plant and watching it grow until it reaches its potential is indeed very gratifying and watching a garden grow is extremely rewarding for me. From a patch of weeds overshadowed by overgrown trees I am slowly converting the space around my house into a beautiful garden. Gardening this past year has been wonderfully satisfying and I’m looking forward to lots more of it in the future.


Photo: Salvia – This plant is new to me as I only bought it recently. I’ve planted it in front of the Virburnum for colour in an otherwise very “green” area in my garden.

Salvia – Salvia species include annual, biennial, or perennial herbs, along with woody subshrubs. The stems are typically angled like other members in Lamiaceae. The leaves are typically entire, but sometimes toothed or pinnately divided. The flowering stems bear small bracts, dissimilar to the basal leaves, though in some species they are ornamental and showy. The flowers are produced in racemes, or panicles, and generally produce a showy display with flower colors ranging from blue to red, with white and yellow less common.

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