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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 23

Today I am grateful that gardening has taught me to be patient! I’ve always been a very impatient person, expecting everything to be done yesterday and wanting goals achieved in record time. Of course in the garden this just does not happen. Things take time … Mother Nature decides on the time frame in which things will grow (or not) and its been a very valuable lesson for me not to expect instantaneous results. I’ve noticed that I have a far calmer approach in other areas of my life now too. No more the constant rush-rush of getting things done yesterday. What’s another day or two …? For the calming influence gardening has had on me, I am grateful.

Hypoestes aristata - Purple ribbon bush

Photo: Hypoestes aristata – Purple ribbon bush: I only have one of these left in my garden. Another South African Native, The ribbon bush is evergreen and flowers in winter when very little else is in flower in the garden. During the summer it has a neat and compact appearance and is useful as a backdrop to a low, mixed, herbaceous border. 

Hypoestes aristata – The ribbon bush ‘Purple Haze’ is an evergreen shrub approximately 1m in height. It produces an intense show of deep purple flowers in the early to mid winter months in South Africa. The selection ‘Purple Haze’ was developed at the Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden by careful selection for flower colour, foliage colour and compactness of growth. Other colour forms are available. These include the normal lilac-purple, as well as pink and white forms which are not as showy and compact as ‘Purple Haze’

About the 30 Day Challenge

Cat of The Whimsical Gardener, has invited Garden Bloggers the world over to join her in the 30 day challenge of posting a photograph and sentiment that you are thankful for – every day for 30 days. Find something you are thankful for every day, for 30 days, can’t be too difficult, can it? See all Barbie’s and my posts filed under “30 Day Challenge“.

By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

4 replies on “The 30 Day Challenge – Day 23”

Patience is a trait worth developing as a gardener…otherwise, I’d make myself crazy with the unpredictability of the passion! How nice to have some winter color.

Oh, to have such color in the winter months!

Patience is am important part of the garden, which sometimes I appreciate and sometime not. The “instant effect” is tempting, but sometimes the best thing for me to do is chose to grow on the cuttings and seedlings myself… more economical and more satisfying in the end result… but much more patience is required!

You are so right! It is the garden than teaches us the gift of patience! An important thing to be grateful for 🙂 Just love your photos – they are so stunning.

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