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And now for something completely different

Off Topic Alert! If you are only here for the gardening, this won’t interest you, but if you love wildlife, then you’re in for a treat because today I am sharing our photographs of a recent trip to the Kruger National Park. I often prattle on about the “wildlife” in my garden which includes all sorts of bugs and insects, wasps, spiders, praying mantises and the like, but “my wildlife” is fairly inactive here right now because of the cooler weather. And as there is really nothing going on in my garden right now and I’m having serious “Gardening Blog Withdrawals”, I thought I’d take this time to share one of South Africa’s national treasures – the wildlife in the Kruger National Park.

For our friends overseas that are not familiar with South Africa, Kruger Park is the largest game or wildlife reserve in South Africa – larger than Israel, it is nearly 2 million hectares of land that stretch for 352 kilometres (20 000 square kilometres) from north to south along the Mozambique border and is given over to an almost indescribable wildlife experience. It undoubtably ranks with the best in Africa and is the flagship of the country’s national parks.I don’t want to bore you with any long stories about the park (seeing as this is off-topic), so lets look at the photographs …

Kruger Park Photographs (click to enlarge)

[one_half]Elephant in KrugerElephant in Kruger[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Another ElephantElephant in Kruger[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Rhino crossing the pathRhino[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Crocodile sun-bathingCrocodile[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Zebra in KrugerZebra in Kruger[/one_half]

[one_half_last]View from the lodgeView from the lodge[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Wildebeest at the waterholeWildebeest[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Hippopotamus going for a swimHippo[/one_half_last]

[one_half]GiraffeGiraffe in Kruger[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Giraffe in KrugerGiraffe in Kruger[/one_half_last]


[one_half_last]Yellow-billed HornbillYellow-billed Hornbill[/one_half_last]


[one_half_last]Lilac-breated RollerPretty bird[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Lion in KrugerLion in Kruger[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Lioness in KrugerLioness in Kruger[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Cape BuffaloCape Buffalo[/one_half]

[one_half_last]African dung beetleAfrican dung beetle[/one_half_last]

I hope you enjoyed my little off-topic post.

Happy gardening



By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

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Oh my word!! These are spectacular photos!!! I am so amazed still that the wild life we can experience in South Africa is so very unique!! What a real pleasure to see this and that you had the opportunity to see this in nature!!! Wow wow!!!!!

J.E.A.L.O.U.S! I thought we had wildlife here, but this is wildlife of an entirely different order of magnitude. Next time please take me with you! I can only imagine seeing this in person. What a truly fabulous trip.

As an animal lover and wanna be traveler to all places safari, I love your photos and wish I was there to experience the beauty myself. Glad you took me on safari.

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