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May 11 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Gardening, Miscellaneous, Perenniels, | 10 comments

Miscanthus probe

Well, Alan – this post has finally been uploaded. You have been patiently asking me to get a closer view of this big question mark – my bold grass and centre piece of my grass feature. I have done a close up inspection of my Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus (it was labelled and sold to me as this!). I know that the last post I did of my Grass Feature update you did […]

Apr 18 2011 by in Barbie's garden, Design, Gardening, Perenniels, | 12 comments

My Grass Feature


I am impatiently waiting to tackle my Grass Feature in my front garden. It is now a clear patch – I had to remove all the stones I had placed for my ‘dry river bed’ feature, because we had to dig this weekend two big holes for our two Leopard trees. I never thought it was going to be such mission. The ground was rock hard and impossible to penetrate. We had to […]