Well, Alan – this post has finally been uploaded. You have been patiently asking me to get a closer view of this big question mark – my bold grass and centre piece of my grass feature. I have done a close up inspection of my Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus (it was labelled and sold to me as this!). I know that the last post I did of my Grass Feature update you did question this, so here we are! A up close and personal – and I also found more than I bargained for … check it out!

Oh, what have we here? Lots of hidden treasures …


On closer inspection…. Buffy, what are you doing under there??

Well, Buffy is as proud as punch and was happy to pose for me with her egg stash, but don’t tell her that they won’t hatch – she is a real mother hen. At a ripe age (for a chicken, I guess) of 5 years old she can still lay a beautiful egg! Oh, but she is standing in my dry river bed – not an egg clutch!! πŸ™‚

Ok, but getting back to the mystery grass – is it a Miscanthus or not? Maybe we will get it right! Should I get closer photos of the blades? Let me know…

Thanks Alan, for your constant interest in all we do in our Two Gardens – we are both better gardeners for it!

Happy Gardening xxx