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Garden friends spotted in my garden

I love walking through my garden, but when I stop and bend down, I see so much more! I have so many active friends that work and play in my garden. Let me introduce some of them to you. My sunbirds are back and enjoying the Pineapple Sage bush – they frequent this bush, so my next photograph shoot will hopefully catch the splendid male. Lots of Praying Mantis, I am happy […]

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Bug-a-boo Zoo

I have had such weird and wonderful bugs coming into my garden lately that I had to do a special post on all the bugs I have met so far. Every time I step onto my back deck, I have to run and get my camera. It is as if they wait for me and pose. Thanks to a lot of our friends, we were able to identify all of them. Here […]

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Bugs and things

We have suffered through consistent wind for days now – this is the norm for this time of year in Cape Town – and I grow weary of it! I have no joy playing in the garden when the southeaster howls through the town. The wind has a nasty habit of bringing with it flies! I don’t know why! It seems to be a common thing here in Philly! It doesn’t make […]

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Autumn in two Gardens for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day in May

Our third combined post for the monthly Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, here’s whats happening in our Gardens in May. We hope you enjoy our “May blooms” and then join Carol and friends over at May Dreams Gardens to see what other gardeners around the world have blooming in May and then pop over to ‘Garten Blogger Blüten im Mei‘ over at Seepferds Garten for the German version of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! […]

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Chameleon plant update

Chameleon plants

A couple of people have asked me recently how my new “Chameleon” plants that I wrote about here are getting on. So I’ve taken a few photographs and here is an update. Firstly, they weren’t kidding when they said these grow slowly. They have hardly grown at all but appear to have adjusted very happily to their new home.  I’m assuming this of course, only because they haven’t died on me! Actually, […]

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I get my ‘Chameleon’ Plants!

New plants

I have to compliment Ferndale Nurseries on their service. As I mentioned in my post of last week, when Barbie and I were at Ferndale I saw this gorgeous plant – Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘Chameleon’ – growing at the nursery and wanted to buy one. Long story short, they phoned me on Friday to tell me they had got the plant in for me. I hot-footed it off to the nursery straight away […]

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Friends in my Garden


I welcome these wonderful creatures in my garden – chameleons. I have not seen them around of late. Actually, I have only seen two in my Dad’s garden. So, how they came to live in my garden is a funny story. There were two young boys running around the neighbourhood ‘selling’ them – I guess for pocket money. Shame, so we were their best ‘customers’. We paid R2.00 for small ones and R5.00 […]