Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘Chameleon’

Common Name – Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘Chameleon’

Plant Identification

Genus: Trachelospermum
Family: Jasminoides
Species: ‘Chameleon’ var. Variegata
Plant type: Woody, evergreen climber also used as ground cover
Variety: Variegata
Note: A marvelous cultivar of Star Jasmine that features bright green, white and pink leaves. Fragrant, small white flowers cover this mounding compact plant in late spring to autumn. Ideal as a hardy ground cover for its year long interesting foliage. Evergreen and hardy, and loves to grow in light to deep shade.

Plant Images

Jasminoides Chameleon

Chameleon plants

Chameleon plants

Chameleon plants

Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower: fragrant white flowers from late spring to autumn
Colour: white
Flowering time: Late spting to autumn
Flower size: small
Fragrance: jasmine like fragrance
Height: 50cm
Width: 50cm
Foliage description: The leaves are opposite, oval to lanceolate, 2-10 cm long and 1-4.5 cm broad, with an entire margin and an acuminate apex
Foliage colour: bright green, white and pink leaves.

Plant Requirements

Light preference: Full sun or semi shade.
Watering: Water well during the growing season and less in winter.
Soil requirements: Enjoys rich well composted fertile soil with good drainage. It prefers neutral to alkaline soil conditions, but will grow in slightly acid soils.
Fertilisation: Fertilise with a general fertiliser in spring. Does extremely well with a compost top dressing.
Pruning: As for Star Jasmine.

Other Information

Insects: Relatively easy. May be attacked by aphids.
Diseases: Relatively disease free. According to the RHS, in heavy, damp or clay soils, or in soils with a fluctuating water table, Trachelospermum may be susceptible to Phytophthora root rots.
Propogation: As for Star Jasmine, ‘Chameleon’ can be propagated by layering in spring, and also from semi-ripe cuttings in summer and autumn.
Other notes: This is a gorgeous, easy plant to have in thew garden especially in shaded areas where colour is lacking. Easy, evergreen, a pleasure to have in my garden!

My Notes: I love having this plant in my garden. Its easy, evergreen and provides a splash of colour. It’s been pest free since I’ve had it. I’m finding it to be slow growing. Perhaps it will grow faster next year …

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