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Jan 11 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening

New Lavender plants


I love Lavender – and I am so envious of your Lavender bushes (hope you take some photos and publish them soon!), but apparently the type you have is not going to grow well in my garden because of all the shade. So I have to compromise and plant Lavender that will tolerate some shade. Last week I was a Ferndale Nursery in Constantia (Again!), and I saw lavender – marked as [...]

Jan 08 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, Trees, | 1 comment

The Willow Tree – then and now

Willow Tree after - January 2011

I have a huge Willow tree in my garden – as you open the front entrance to the property it is in fact the first thing you see. I have no idea how old it is – I’m assuming it’s pretty old because it is really large. I love willow trees – I think they are quite gorgeous, but this one does throw a lot of shade onto the front garden. I [...]