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Another Before and After Post

This is another “Before and After” post, this time of a corner in my garden I’ve never shown or written about before on here. The reason is that I was never very proud of this area. Correction, I was actually very embarrassed because even after the makeover it looked kinda sad. Unfortunately it was one of those spots that was so bad that I don’t even have any “before-before” photos to show … it was a mess of ivy. That’s all that was there. Ivy. Ivy in the bed, ivy all over the walls, there was so much ivy we couldn’t open the door!

This is the top corner of my back garden bed. During the big makeover that happened here in August last year I stubbornly insisted that the ivy should stay on the wall. I don’t like looking at walls. And I really didn’t want to see this wall because I knew what it looked like underneath all the ivy. But seeing how great everything else in the bed was doing I finally decided to pull down some of the ivy. Once I started I couldn’t stop and finally I had it all off. I have a lovely guy who comes in whenever I need help with painting and he painted the wall and now …

Well I’m starting to love this area of the garden (click to enlarge the photographs).

[one_half]Taken in January 2011 Back makeover[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Taken on 5 March 2011Back Makeover[/one_half_last]

What we have here is a Silver Birch, my embattled Lemon tree that’s making a slow recovery, two other trees (sorry, don’t know what they are). Lots of Agapanthus and Dietes, Mona Lavender with Carex Evergold and plectranthus madagascariens as ground cover. Up against the wall to the left are Viburnum tinus “Lucidum” and we have some Azaleas and small Camellias here too. We still have some bare patches here and there but they are slowly filling up and I can now see that it will, in time, look lovely.

Happy gardening