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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 22

Today I am grateful for all the new gardening knowledge I have filled my brain with this year. With gardening as a new hobby obsession, there has been much to learn. Starting with the basics on how to plant, soil composition and how to improve ones soil, composting, organic gardening methods, planting, pruning, propagation, pests and diseases, fertilisation, lawns and watering to the fun side of gardening, landscaping and design! And I’ve filled my head with so much knowledge about individual plants that I feel like a walking “Plant Encyclopedia”. There has been so much to learn and I’m only just beginning… for this I am grateful!

Murraya Exotica

Photo: Murraya Exotica – I have eight in pots and a few more in the ground in various spots in my garden. They are easy plants requiring little special attention. Slow growing, they benefit from composting and mulch application after which they grow quite vigorously. The scent from these plants is fantastic and the foliage is a rich, deep green which is lovely to look at even if the plants are not flowering. Keep them well watered and Murraya Exotica will give you lots of pleasure.

Murraya Exotica – A lovely, evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy, aromatic foliage, white bell-shaped flowers with a heady scent of Orange Jasmine.

About the 30 Day Challenge

Cat of The Whimsical Gardener, has invited Garden Bloggers the world over to join her in the 30 day challenge of posting a photograph and sentiment that you are thankful for – every day for 30 days. Find something you are thankful for every day, for 30 days, can’t be too difficult, can it? See all Barbie’s and my posts filed under “30 Day Challenge“.