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Update from the Veggie Planter

Cayenne Pepper

The new Vegetable Planter is exactly a week old today and imagine my excitement when I found all sorts of activity! Surely veggie gardening has to be the most rewarding type of gardening? I’ve planted so many things in my garden and waited months or years (and in many cases I’m still waiting!) for something exciting to happen with a plant. But I put a few vegetable seedlings in a few basins […]

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What was in the box?

The new veggie planter

I didn’t make it to the nursery today – too many things going on at work – but we did manage to unpack the box and set up the new veggie planter. So what was in the box? the wooden box 4 plastic ‘baskets’ with drainage holes (for planting) 3 irrigation stems irrigation pipe irrigation timer some hose fittings batteries some very basic (read: stupid) instructions I had someone help me unpack […]

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My Veggie Planter has arrived

Veggie Planter

Hi Barbs, Great excitement, the veggie planter I ordered from Home Organics  last week has arrived! The planter arrived whilst I was out today and by the time I got home it was too late to do anything other than take a photo or two, rip it open to see whats involved in setting it all up and then making a list of what I’m going to get tomorrow to get it […]

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My healthy looking garden


I took a stroll around the garden and the veggie patch this evening and I was pleasantly surprised with all the healthy growth happening – my trees and my veggies. We had a heavy down pour after that really hot day last week, so my garden was so thankful. It got a good soaking and it shows! My little guava tree is all bushy and bright! Maybe this year we will have […]

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Gifts from the Garden

Gifts from the Garden - Photograph © Barbara Mueller-Thiart

What a way to start the weekend … with a visit from one’s best buddy who arrives bearing a basket of gifts from her garden! Ah! Life really is good! As you can see from the photograph, said basket looked almost too beautiful to unpack … but unpack it I did because it was so full of yummyness. Firstly, the big bunch of Lavender, from your garden – I put it in […]

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From the Veggie Patch

Veg Patch 2008

I have not had great success with my veggie patch in 2010. Check out the first harvest from 2008 – I think it was beginners luck. First of all, I started way too late in sowing my seeds last year. What held me up was, I had to keep the ‘feathered gardeners’ out of the veggie patch because they scratch and peck and destroy the whole area in a matter of hours. […]