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Garden on a plate

Wow – that was some storm we experienced over the weekend. I was so worried that the hail storm was going to ruin my veggie patch and when it rained cats and dogs, it was going to wash everything away! Glad to report that there are only small pools of water and the garden has survived. So much so, that I could pick an amazing lunch salad from the greens all around […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in August

There is snow in them thar hills!! The evenings are still bitterly cold as we kick off on our eighth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day this 5th day of August 2012 in the southern hemisphere, and the gardeners of Two Gardens are weary of the wet and cold. We are preparing for the sunshine and the warmer days. The hint of spring is here, but we are still wrapped in winter woollies! The seed banks are full […]

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Summer Heat getting to me

Summer is getting intense! We have had days of nonstop high temperatures and I can’t protect my garden from it. It has been close to 40 degrees here with no letting up. In the early mornings I take this time to water as much as I can as well as early evening – I’m watering twice a day! But the damage is done…. I am devastated by the damage to my huge […]

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Holiday Harvests

Whew! All I can say is I LOVE SUMMER! I am in the middle of really enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation. I had my beautiful family here with me on Christmas eve and it was a magical day. The weather was sunny and hot and the garden was glowing. I spent all week getting it to look nice and in tip top condition and it was so worth it. […]

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Destruction 101

I have been out of sorts these past few days. I have spent an enormous amount of time in the garden of late with my homemade sprays in hand and keeping all the pests at bay. I have managed to cause more damage than good with one particular organic spray by getting the dosage wrong and it damaged some of my plants, especially my broccolli and squashes! Huge yellow spots – almost […]

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Backgarden joy

I am so enjoying my back garden and the velocity of growth I see every day! It is amazing how everything is springing to action and the veggies are actually looking like something you can eat!! A huge growth from 5 days ago! The herbs are creeping over the patchwork patio and everyday I can pick mint for my lemon tea and thyme for my midday meal. The peaches are  causing havoc […]

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Before and after continued ..

Thank you all for the interest shown in the Before and After! of my front garden. As promised, I have taken the latest photos of the back garden today, so now I can show you the big changes! The Back Garden BEFORE: It was a ruined area, the chickens had taken over the back garden and as any chicken owner knows – I’ve learnt – they scratch and peck until it is pretty much […]

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Sowing the seeds of love

As you know, I am growing a full vegetable garden this season. I have my 3 huge raised beds to fill and the large veggie patch area I have on the side of my house. I prefer to cultivate my veggies by sowing seeds and through experience, I tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to sowing seeds. I over-sow and end up with a cramped environment where the plants […]

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A Veggie Harvest

Vegetable Harvest

We’ve had a shocking week with all sorts of things going wrong at work and its been extremely stressful. I’ve had barely a moment to look at my garden and even less time to go and do any shopping. I felt a bit like “Old Mother Hubbard” last night when I went to the cupboard and all we had was a single tin of tuna! Nothing to eat, what to do? We […]

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Chaos in the veggie planter

Lovely looking spinach

Its not complete chaos but the euphoria of fast growing veggies of two weeks ago is over and has been replaced by fear-of-failure. Not all is hunkey dorey in the veggie planter – my Strawberry plant is looking terrible, covered in what I suspect to be powdery mildew as well as something that looks like ‘burnt leaf ends’. The actual strawberries looks terrible. The cauliflower have been invaded by two different bug […]