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Strange onion?

After my post on the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day about the onion, my neighbour asked me what kind of onion is this?? I thought it was a normal onion you buy at the grocery store. Hmmmm! I think I’m wrong. Does anyone know what kind of onion this is? Is there such a thing as a French Onion? I have asked around and no one can help me. I know it is not a leek, but it does have a mild onion flavour. I have cooked with it and it is delicious.

And look – it’s about to get a flower. I’m curious to see what this looks like!

Any ideas?

[one_half]Nearly a flower[/one_half]

[one_half_last]My onions[/one_half_last]

Happy Gardening

Barbie's garden Gardening Home page features

Picked from the Garden

Vegetables from the gardenI just wanted to share with you the herbs and veggies I picked from the garden for supper tonight. It was such a treat to wander in the garden and pick supper! I can’t wait for my garden to be producing masses of different kinds of vegetables and herbs – oh, like ¬†sweet potatos, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, broccolli……. real health giving food!¬† But I am having difficulty with the actual styling of my back garden, so this will take some time. I also need the weather to cool down before I tackle a huge project like this! I’ll keep you posted. I know you gave me a great idea about putting together a story board – get a huge piece of cardboard and draw on it my garden layout – place on it cut-outs from magazines that I see and fancy, like water features, different styles that could work, etc! This will be my project for the week!! Thanks for that tip!