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Scaevola Aussie Salute

[one_half]Scaevola Aussie SaluteScaevola Aussie Salute[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Close up of the flowersScaevola Aussie Salute[/one_half_last]

Hi Barbs, I’ve had a very long day – I’ve had so much work to do which meant I had no time to even venture into the garden. Apart from a quick glance at my now thriving new Tomato and basil plants, its been work, work and more work. And now I need to unwind a bit so thought I’d tell you a little about the plant you admired when you were here last week.

This unassuming plant is the Scaevola Aussie Salute I bought a few weeks ago. It has been flowering continuously¬† since I bought it, lovely little fan-shaped purple flowers that seem to almost hide the foliage. I’ve read up about it and found out that it’s used a lot in pots, border planting, hanging baskets and as a ground cover. It’s branches grow upright but also spread sideways so its looks very “neat” – like a tidy little bush covered in these sweet purple flowers. The branches are about +/- 4o cm and it will spread to about one metre across (wide) once I plant it out. It apparently flowers continuously from spring through Autumn, is water-wise and can tolerate some drought.

It is supposed to do very well in full sun but will also tolerate shade. I’ve had the pot sitting in a spot where it gets full on afternoon sun for a good few hours. Now I need to decide where to plant it – I don’t want to keep it in the pot. Any suggestions?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!