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I’ve been in the Garden

Whew! I have been kinda quiet, but I spent the weekend doing some heavy gardening – you know, with a lawn mower and a pair of sheers! It was so hot and I was an idiot. But, when I have a bee in my bonnet…… needless to say, I was completely exhausted today and enjoyed a photoshoot in Kalk Bay (I’ll send you some photos). My garden is one that needs little attention because it is not really a show garden, but it does get messy when I neglect it. I had to give the front lawn a mow and the protea bush was growing all haywire so I needed to cut some of the branches! The one lavender bush had a haircut! My next project will be the other lavender bushes and the┬árose bushes! I am sad to say that the roses were not that spectacular this year, so they need some loving! Will be back tomorrow with some more photos! It’s time to get some sleep! Night night!

[one_half]Front garden[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Protea bush[/one_half_last]