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Claiming back my privacy

With all the work that has been going on in our back garden (tree felling and french-drains being expanded) it upsets me terribly that from having a completely private back area, we are now seeing ugly walls and neighbours roofs! On the plus side we do have the view of our mountain back, but I prefer privacy. Not that they can look into our property – unless they stand on their roofs (which I haven’t seen them do) they can’t see into the property, but I just don’t like it. Frankly, I preferred the wild, overgrown jungle I had there before, but I know that in a year or two (or three?) I will be very happy that we had all this done. To speed things up a bit I purchased three trees that were planted today.

I saw three Pittosporum nigrescens planted next to each other at a nursery in Elgin – and fell in love with them. The owner told me she had planted them three years earlier and not done a thing to them. Very tall and narrow with beautiful foliage these trees are a good choice for the space I’ve put them in as they grown upwards and stay narrow without causing the deep type of shade some of the others do, and they create a screening effect. A bonus is that they won’t be dropping any berries into my neighbours’ gardens which has been a three year bone of contention between us.

So here are the photos of the newly planted trees …



Note: In the second photograph, the Pittosporum eugenioides ‘Variegata’ on the left was planted ten months ago and was a fairly small shrub (two thirds its current size). It has grown a lot and bushed out nicely in the last ten months so I am hopeful the three new ones will do much the same.

Happy Gardening