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Front garden Panoramas

See my list (photo below). 25 things on my gardening “to do” list. That is 25 things besides the usual cutting back, dead-heading, weeding, and other routine chores this gardener does has to do every week.

See my blog post. I show a few scenes from my back garden. Alan from It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening comments “I’d love to see some more panoramic shots of your garden though, as it’s tough for me to get perspective. (email me if you want instructions on how to do that)“. I remember that about five other garden bloggers have made the same comment. Really, I’ve been trying, but it’s not so easy to do.

An e-mail later and Alan very kindly sent me a list of recommendations of software to download to stitch my photos! (Thank you Alan!). I try the last one on his list which is AutoStitch for Windows. There is a “demo” app written for Windows which Alan says is very good and as simple to use as the iPhone version. – Plus, it’s free.

Combine the above three and you have a gardener that abandons the gardening chores and “to do” list and produces umpteen panoramas of her front garden.

Oh my goodness, what fun I have had this afternoon! I can’t tell you how easy it was to download the software (a few seconds), read the readme file – easy peasy, start making panoramas! Nothing complicated, no big learning curve – just take photos and do! It was lots of fun to do and interesting for me to see the “bigger picture” of my garden. Amazingly, the “bigger picture” of my garden is so much more attractive than it was in my head. Alan, Thank you so much for introducing me to the software. I was attempting to do it all manually in Photoshop before and you are right, the results were always poor which is why I’ve never shown these wider views of my garden before.

Today I’m showing my front garden. Well, it is actually the back of the house with a yard and back door that opens to the side street (we are on a corner plot). But we use this entrance for pretty much everything (and rarely use the other entrance). So Front Garden it is called and when I refer to any of these, they are located in my front garden and shown here: Gardenia Bed, Rose Bed, Lavender, Camellia Bed and the rest is not often referenced.

[one_third]My list of Things to DoMy list of Things to Do[/one_third]

[one_third]The comment that started itThe comment that started it[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Hand drawn layout of areaHand drawn layout of area[/one_third_last]

First Panoramas – Taken of the Front Garden

(Click on the small images below to view the enlargements).

Panorama 1: Taken from the back entrance door to the property – the first thing you see
Front Garden

Panorama 2: From the house entrance doors, looking at the door (left) and pool
Front Garden

Panorama 3: Taken standing below the “willow” pepper tree looking towards entrance
Front Garden

Panorama 4: Detail of the Rose Bed and Lavender
Rose bed & Lavenders

Panorama 5: Detail of the Camellia bed and “Willow”
Camellia bed and 'willow'.

Panorama 6: Detail of Gardenia Bed, front entrance and Rose bed (the windows look into the garage)
Front entrance panorama

Did I manage to get anymore things off my list done after this? Just another 2. It will be quite a busy day tomorrow …

Happy Gardening