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My Visit to Seebauer Garden Centre in Munich, Germany

This was my favourite display - 'Heide'

I’ve just returned from a two-week trip to Munich in Germany which included a two-day stop in Paris on the way home. Of all the fabulous things we did and saw over the two weeks, for me, a visit to Seebauer Garten Center was one of the highlights. Even if you are not a plant-nerd, this Nursery is impressive, not just for the sheer size and scale of the offerings but for […]

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Open Gardens visit

I wanted to share the Elgin Open Gardens Route visit we did last weekend. I took a few photos of the beautiful flowers and gardens we visited, namely Heaven Scent Nursery and Duncan’s Roses. This happens every year in late October/early November. We selected three gardens to visit out of many. Duncan’s Roses Gardens – Elgin Heaven Scent Nursery, Elgin A little history on the Elgin Open Gardens Route: The story of […]

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Harry Goemans Garden Centre – a review

Harry Goemans Garden Centre

About two weeks ago Barbie and I took a drive to Noordhoek to visit Harry Goemans Garden Centre. I’d read about the nursery somewhere and it was on my list of nurseries to visit and then Harry himself offered me some advice by commenting on this blog so we decided it was time to make the effort and travel the few extra kilometres to see what we could find. About a forty-five […]

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How much I’ve learnt in ten short months

Plants for places

It is no secret that less than a year ago I knew pretty much nothing about gardening and plants. OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating a little … I knew the names of a few plants, bougainvillea, roses and lilies spring to mind. I think I also knew about Marigolds, daisies and ferns. Oh and of course I knew all about Ivy, because Ivy was the most prolific plant in my overgrown jungle of […]

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One bag of potting soil

One bag of potting soil!

This afternoon I had to pop in to the nursery to get ONE bag of potting soil. That’s all. One bag of potting soil. I promised myself that was all I would buy as I have so much work to do in the garden and still have some plants standing around (from the Elgin trip) that need to be planted. That’s the deal I make with myself – I’m only allowed to […]

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Heaven Scent Nursery purchases

Heaven Scent-Lavender Tree

Hi Chris, I just wanted to share the plants I bought at Heaven Scent Nursery with you and our friends. The Lavender Tree (Heteropexys natalensis) has beautiful oblong reddish leaves and will be a beauty when she is grown – about 6m with a tall narrow trunk and it is indigenous. I then bought three Lavender (lavendula intermedia) (I am still mad about lavender!!) to go into my three silver buckets. I’ll take […]

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Sithanda Nursery, Elgin Valley


Remember, I took some photos of the nursery that we popped into when we took our trip through Elgin. It was on the N2 rest stop next to Pelegrine’s Farm Stall. It was small and quaint and I liked the garden decorations so much I had to show you. They had very nice Rhododendrons (spelling?) and I captured a butterfly on one of the flowers. So, if anyone was taking a trip […]

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Fairholme Nursery in Elgin

Fairholme Nursery

On Tuesday morning Barbie and I set off on a little road trip to go “plant hunting”. We were looking for slightly less common plants, specifically ornamental and unusual grasses which Barbie plans to make a feature of in her garden. Two weeks ago when I attended the Rare Plant Fair in Stellenbosch I bought a beautiful grass from Fairholme Nursery who were in attendance. The grass is Panicum Virgatum “Shenandoah”, and […]

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Stodels in Kenilworth revisited

Ornamental grasses

I decided to give Stodels in Kenilworth another try. I don’t normally go back to places I don’t get good service at, but there were three reasons for giving it another go – Firstly, my previous visit was on The Hottest Day in Cape Town this year. It was seriously uncomfortable and perhaps I was giving off some sort of “don’t even talk to me” vibes, so I thought I should give […]

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Stodels Nursery in Kenilworth

Stodels Nursery in Kenilworth

Last Saturday I paid Stodels Nursery in Kenilworth a visit with the intention of doing a review. A friend has recommended Stodels to me so I was expecting good service and a good variety of plants. I went armed with plenty of cash because … well you know I’m a sales persons dream and can’t leave a shop without buying something, even if it is just something small. Now I don’t know […]