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Linda’s Veggie Garden

Hi Barbie – I thought you might like to see how well Linda’s veggie garden is doing. I know every time you visit, Linda loves to rush you outside to show you the progress she’s made. I was so envious today when I went to look at her garden – her veggies look fantastic – compared to mine that have all been pulled out and composted. I’m waiting to start again next month, but my attempts were not half as successful as hers.

A bit of background for anyone who is interested and doesn’t know Linda: Linda is a lovely lady that has been working for me and my business for the past 16 years. She started out as a “domestic maid” and over the years has become an integral part of our family and business – she works for us full time and runs our household and the office like a sergeant major. Truth be told, without Linda my business would not function as well as it does. Over the years Linda and I have become very close and I am extremely privileged to be able to call Linda one of my closest friends.

Linda lives in an area which has very poor soil and nothing much other than the hardiest of hardy plants will grow in her suburb. When I started my veggie garden (in the veggie planter I blogged about here) she made some comments that made me realise she desperately wanted her own garden to plant veggies and a few pretty flowers. So I cleared a bed for her in my garden and “gave” it to her to cultivate as she saw fit. The bed is 2.5 x 5 metres large and I assisted initially by buying her some seedlings, seeds, compost etc. and then left her to do her own thing. She is immensely proud of her veggie garden and lovingly tends to it every day.

The results speak for themselves …





None of my veggies turned out this well!

She planted lots of marigolds in between all her veggies – the marigolds don’t look great, but wow her vegetables do! Hardly an insect to be seen! She also has potatoes, celery, peppers and Thai basil growing beautifully! She kindly let me plant some things in a small corner (1x1m²) and to be very honest, my “corner” spoils the whole patch with a few very sad looking things trying to grow there. I think I have to get Linda to help me when I start my veggies again next month. She obviously has a greener thumb than I have 🙂

Happy Gardening