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Basic organic pesticide

Organic pesticideI have been using this basic organic pesticide in my garden, especially on my lemon tree, and it is working wonders. I know we both hate using these harsh chemical pesticides and with the help of Margret Roberts, I have been successful with this mix.

Take a bucket (I’m not quite there yet with this huge quantity) of basil or any pungent strong herb. Pour 1 to 2 buckets of boiling water over this and leave to draw and cool overnight. Next morning, strain this and add 1/2 cup grated Sunlight Soap (the dishwashing green bar) or Sunlight Soap powder – it is the pureset you can get with no added detergents. Mix well and then splash on plants.

I use a spray container and spray liberally and then rub it gently onto the infected leaves upside and underside of the leaves. You can also pour around plants and down ant holes. Evenings are usually the best time to spray the organic pesticide because all the good bugs (like the bees and the lady bugs) have gone to ‘bed’. Eventhough it is safe, I just take extra precautions.

Try it out – I am sure you will find it safe and effective!

Happy gardening xxxxx

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My Gardenias and insect repellent

GardeniaI thought I was finished for today, but then I had some more I wanted to say … remember that discussion we had about the insect repellents and how toxic they smelt (and felt)?

Today I had to do some major spraying because I found aphids on quite a few of my Gardenias – also on the Camellias in the garden. So I got hold of Ludwig’s Insect Spray to try. It was easy to mix up, and was quite okay to use. It smells of garlic – for people who don’t like garlic that might be an issue but I didn’t feel like I was “poisoning” anything in my garden.

According to the blurb … “Ludwig’s Insect Spray is Authorised for use in organic agriculture by ECOCERT SA F-32600. Ludwig’s Insect Spray +Broad spectrum organic insecticide for the control of insects on edible crops, roses, herbs and ornamentals. Contains: garlic juice extract, canola oil, natural pyrethrum (pyrethrins). It works on ants, aphids, red spider mite, white fly, astylus beetle, chafer beetle, CMR beetle, Flower beetle, American bollworm, thrips, wood-eating termites”.

I felt okay using it Dexter and his “doggy-nose” stayed way clear of me whilst I was busy with it! Quite unusual for him because he does like to interfere and sniff everything when I’m gardening, so he obviously doesn’t like the garlic smell either 🙂

I’m still very under-whelmed by the performance of my Gardenias. Only one of them really does well and gives me beautiful flowers. I think the others in the front are probably getting too much sun? (the performer is in more shade). I will have to find out what is wrong with them because I do like these plants, a lot.